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With experience since 2011 and long-term client satisfaction, we’re happy to prove that our experience providing high-quality, fast and fair action, plus an individual approach are key values for us. We’ll be a partner you can rely on and can act independently to save your precious time. We’ll also agree on finance at the beginning of cooperation.

Our team

Mgr. Daniel Macek
Attorney and Founder

I'm a member of the Czech Bar Association, Rotary International and many other organizations. After passing my bar exams in November 2011, I became an Attorney and Manager of the legal department of NSG Morison, where I gained not only practical legal experience, but also fantastic business experience. The business area of law is exactly my cup of tea.

In January 2014, I opened my own office in the centre of Prague. In addition to my work, also my hobby, I like to relax while playing sports. When I'm not concentrating on perfecting my swing on the fairway, I organize charity tournaments, so I can help those in need.

I specialise in corporate law, real estate law, debt collection and intellectual property law, notably trademarks.

Mgr. Iva Čípová

After studying at the University of Antwerp in Belgium (International and European Legal Studies Program) and graduating from the Faculty of Law of Charles University in 2018, I started working as an associate at MACEK.LEGAL. Studying abroad vastly improved my English; I now love to write professional publications and provide legal services to our foreign language clients.

I’m coming up with topics with running shoes on my feet; this year's goal for me is a half marathon! Besides running, I like to unwind in yoga asanas, by walking in the mountains or travelling.

I specialise in real estate law, trademarks, company formation and changes, and employment law.

Mgr. Filip Spura

I’ve been an associate at MACEK.LEGAL for almost three years. During my practice, I completed my MBA studies in 2018 and now use the acquired knowledge and experience both for the benefit of our clients and in running my own investment group that focuses on the real estate market.

Investments are, in addition to sports, my big hobby. I’ve been actively involved in decathlon for over 14 years. Currently, I’m clearing my head more on a golf course or tennis court. And after a busy day, I like to relax with a glass of excellent rum.

I specialise in financial law, corporate law and securities law.

Mgr. Jitka Červenková

In 2017, I graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University, but I also studied law abroad. Then I worked in the law firm of JUDr. Pavel Novák, which focused on general legal practice. There I had the opportunity to solve interesting legal cases from various legal fields, which taught me great versatility; a skill I continue to develop at MACEK.LEGAL.

My hobbies include sports, mostly mountain hiking. I like to travel to less popular exotic destinations, read interesting books, watch good movies and have fun with friends and family.

I specialize in civil law (e.g. disputes arising from individual types of contracts, damages, inheritance, interference with personal rights, etc...), criminal law and labour law.

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If you have a passion for our specialist areas of law, if clear and understandable communication is your cup of tea,
and if you take our client's successes as your own, we’d be happy to welcome you into our team.

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