What we do for whom


Company formation and changes, creation and revision of contracts, recovery of claims (debt collection)


Contractual agenda, brand protection, recovery of claims (debt collection)


Tailored terms and conditions, GDPR, disputes with customers and Czech trade inspection


Company formation, memorandum of association, template contractual agenda, contracts with investors

Media and marketing agencies

Contractual agenda with clients, contracts with YouTubers and influencers

Real estate agencies

Comprehensive contractual documentation, escrow of the purchase price

What’s our speciality?

Price of services

Our price of provided legal services is contractual; it always depends on the agreement according to the type, scope and complexity of a specific case. During the initial consultation, we’ll agree on the rate:


From CZK 2,500 (without VAT), depending on the type and scope of the service (ideal for individual tasks)


The total price for solving your request (suitable for more complex cases where we anticipate more actions)

Flat rate

A fixed monthly fee regardless of the amount of legal services provided in a given month (advantageous for long-term cooperation and provision of legal services).

In addition to our remuneration, there may be extra costs incurred related to your case (such as travel expenses, postage, translations, expert opinions, etc…) and official or administrative fees (fees for filing a petition or lawsuit with a court, fees for filing for application in the Land Register, filing a trademark application, etc…). You’ll always be informed of such fees in advance.

The above examples are for your quick orientation, but it is recommended to make an appointment with us. We’ll tailor a quote and rate based on your needs discussed during our initial consultation.

To further understand the most common cost of legal services, read our article.

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