Trademarks are one of our main speciality, we will provide you with everything from classification and registration to the resolution of objections and disputes. We deal with trademarks for the Czech Republic, the EU and internationally.

In addition to commercial law, trademarks are our main speciality. We deal with trademarks almost on a daily basis and we’re extremely proficient at it! We can handle all types of trademarks for the Czech Republic, the EU and internationally.

We provide the following services:

  • Consultation, research and monitoring (checking whether a similar trademark already exists and whether it has a distinctive character)
  • Classification of trademarks in the list of products and services
  • Completing and filing trademark applications, renewal (extension of validity)
  • Changes of owners, transfers, sales
  • Filing and resolving objections to a registration of trademark
  • Trademark dispute resolution
  • Preparing license agreements

We offer our clients regular monitoring of newly published trademark applications in the IPO database. We send reports and if we find an identical or similar trademark application with the client’s older trademark, we submit objections to the registration after consultation with the client.

Did you find what you were looking for? The above list represents the most common tasks we do for our clients, but of course we can do much more. Write to us or give us a call – we’ll arrange a non-binding meeting where we’ll discuss your case and come up with an optimal solution.

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