Media and marketing agencies

We provide legal advice in the field of advertising regulation, we will help you with the preparation of contracts with subcontractors, influencers or YouTubers.

It doesn't matter if you plan to launch a new product for a client, organise a conference, shoot a commercial or take care of the performance of a campaign, for the cooperation to work, it’s necessary to have all legal aspects under control. This includes well-defined terms and protected copyrights.

We’ll quickly and clearly prepare for you:

  • Non-disclosure agreements, service-level agreements
  • Cooperation and service agreements
  • Contracts for the work done including licensing provisions (IT and creative projects)
  • Contracts with artists and performers
  • Contracts with suppliers (influencers, YouTubers, external developers, graphic designers)
  • Materials to create a corporate identity
  • Employment contracts for your employees and correct setting of the contractual relationship with freelancers (to avoid the so-called ‘Schwarz system’)
  • Lease agreements for office space
  • Requests for payments of debt

We also provide legal advice on the regulation of advertising and the use of special products (e.g. food supplements, cigarettes, alcohol, nutrition and health claims in counselling centres, etc…).

Did you find what you were looking for? The above list represents the most common tasks we do for our clients, but of course we can do much more. Write to us or give us a call – we’ll arrange a non-binding meeting where we’ll discuss your case and come up with an optimal solution.

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