Real estate

We provide services in the field of real estate law not only to real estate agencies, but also to companies, freelancers or individuals.

We cooperate with notaries, tax advisors, financial advisors (as part of mortgage brokerage) and we’ll also arrange for you any action at the Land Register.

We will arrange for you purchase contracts, lease or donation contacts, we deal with easements, ecsrow of the purchase price and applications for permission to enter a record into the Land Register.

We offer the following services:

  • Preparation of real estate brokerage contracts, reservation contracts and future purchase contracts
  • Preparation of purchase contracts and donation contracts
  • Preparation of lease and sublease contracts
  • Ensuring escrow of the purchase price
  • Preparation of contracts for the establishment of easements
  • Settlement and distribution of common property
  • Changing of lease agreements (e.g. increasing rent)
  • Enforcement of rent in arrears
  • Legal representation in case of unauthorized termination or unauthorized withdrawal from the lease contract

Did you find what you were looking for? The above list represents the most common tasks we do for our clients, but of course we can do much more. Write to us or give us a call – we’ll arrange a non-binding meeting where we’ll discuss your case and come up with an optimal solution.

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