Company formation and changes

Do you need to set up a tailor-made company in a short time? Do you have a company and do you need to change directors, increase the registered capital, transfer a share in the company or change the registered office or company name? That's exactly what we are experts in, and we manage these tasks in a short time and with the right expertise.

When establishing a company (or an association) we’ll provide you with:

  • An initial consultation (choice of a suitable type of company/corporate name/registered seat of the company, setting the framework for how directors can act, adjustment of relations between members of the company and others)
  • Preparation of a tailor-made memorandum of association
  • The date of establishment of the company with a notary (personal participation at the notary’s office or representation on the basis of a power of attorney)
  • Help arranging a registered seat of a company (with our cooperating partners), if you don’t have your own premises
  • Preparation of all documentation necessary for the establishment of the company (affidavits of directors, affidavit of the capital administrator, agreements of members of the company, etc...)
  • Registration of trades in the Trade Licence Office on the basis of a power of attorney

In relation to changes within the company, we’ll help you in the following cases:

  • Consultation (proposal for the method of change) and subsequent preparation of documentation (documents for a notary, general meeting, etc…)
  • Preparation of a shared transfer agreement (change of company members)
  • Dismissal and election of directors
  • Change of corporate name, change of the registered seat
  • Granting and revoking of procuration
  • Increase of registered capital

Did you find what you were looking for? The above list represents the most common tasks we do for our clients, but of course we can do much more. Write to us or give us a call – we’ll arrange a non-binding meeting where we’ll discuss your case and come up with an optimal solution.

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